Join Our Avocado Legacy from the Heart of South Africa!

From South African Farms to the World:
Revolutionizing Agriculture and Nourishing Global Markets with Golden Avocado Oil

Who we are?

Cultivate Trading stands as a flag of innovation and sustainability in the heart of Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. Situated in this holiday and farming town just north of Mbombela, Cultivate Trading is deeply involved in the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

What we do?

As a company committed to a strategic approach to community development, Cultivate Trading takes immense pride in its role in contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of the region. Our recent venture, the first industrial production of avocado unrefined oil for cooking and industries in Mpumalanga Province, reflects our commitment to innovation and quality.

Sustainable economic growth of Mpumalanga

The first industrial production of avocado oil in Mpumalanga represents a bold and transformative endeavor, poised to uplift communities, empower local farmers, and drive sustainable economic growth. As the project progresses towards test production in April 2024, its ripple effects are expected to resonate far and wide, shaping the future trajectory of the region and setting a precedent for innovation and sustainable development.

Discover the secrets of the natural beauty of avocados: our factory turns the fresh fruit into liquid gold.

Through its dedication to innovation projects and quality, Cultivate Trading plan to continue to expand its presence in the global market, showcasing the natural abundance of Mpumalanga Province to the world.

From South Africa to the world.

Key objectives of our project

Economic Boost

The production of avocado oil is poised to significantly enhance the provincial economy of Mpumalanga, fostering growth and prosperity across various sectors.

Job Creation

 With the creation of 105 jobs, both directly and indirectly, the project aims to alleviate poverty and stimulate economic activity within the local community.

Support for Local Farmers

By sourcing fresh avocados from local farmers for processing, the project endeavors to support and empower the agricultural sector, fostering sustainability and resilience.

GDP Growth
Through its impact on industrial-based economic activities, the project is anticipated to significantly increase the GDP of the region and the country as a whole, driving sustainable development and progress.
Food Security

By supporting local farmers to increase yields and improve the quality of their products, the project aims to bolster food security, ensuring a stable supply of nutritious produce for communities.

Commencing in March 2023, a significant project in Mpumalanga is set to establish the first plant for industrial production of avocado oil in this province, with the aim to increase the region’s economy through the introduction of unrefined avocado oil production. The project holds immense promise, representing a significant step forward for both the industry and the local community

Why Avocado?

From orchard to table: preserving the original quality of avocados in oil.