Avocado oil processing facility and expansion

A product produced in South Africa for Africa and consumed by the world.

Agriculture processing value chain that will remain a flagship project of the sector by increasing GDP and job creation.


We are in the process of establishing the avocado oil processing plant in White River area of Mpumalanga. This facility will:

  • provide 25 new jobs directly (80 indirectly – logistics, collectio etc)
  • support local farmers (5 packhouses and more than 100 local farmers)
  • establish the local avocado oil brand that will capture market shares in both local and international markets
  • give a significant boost to provincial economy
  • alleviate poverty for local population.

We have buyers for the final product lined up and ready to purchase with signed offtake agreements and letters of interest.

The offtake agreements secured an amount of 4500 tons per season with the current capacity.

Phase I

In phase I, we will establish facility with input capacity of 2.000kg/h, supporting more than 100 local farmers that will provide us with fresh avocados for processing and then be able re-invest into their production capacities and quality. This facility will produce crude avocado oil that will be in majority exported to Netherland, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey for further processing into Refined avocado oil.

Quick fact: Crude avocado oil can be used as an ingredient in pharmaceutical industry or for further processing into Refined avocado oil, which can be used as a final product in cooking and food industry.

Phase II

In this phase, purpose is to expand existing facility in White River, so we can add technology for further processing of crude oil into refined avocado oil. In this way, we will make refined oil ourselves, which is a high-value final product.

For expanded capacity we would also need bigger quantities of fresh avocado, meaning more supported farmers in Mpumalanga, but also from Limpopo.

100 direct new jobs will be created in Phase II, and over 1.000 indirectly. Refined avocado oil would represent a retail final product that would introduce a new Mpumalanga brand, thus positioning this province as one of the leaders in refined avocado oil industry.

Initial leveling of the site – February 2023

Building foundations in April 2023

Establishing a concrete slab in April 2023

Borehole excavation in April 2023
Steel structure is up in July 2023

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