Second best-selling tropical fruit in 2030

Avocado is poised to take the tropical fruit market by storm, projected to claim the title of the second-best-selling tropical fruit by 2030. Surpassing pineapples and mangoes, avocados are gaining traction globally, particularly in Europe, where they have become the second-most valuable imported fruit from developing countries.

Despite this surge, European consumption of avocados still trails behind North America and Mexico. However, there remains substantial room for growth, with average consumption in Europe sitting at approximately 1.4 kg per capita, compared to 4 kg in the United States and nearly 3 kg in Canada. In Mexico, the world’s largest avocado producer, per capita consumption is even higher, ranging between 6.5 and 7 kg.

Global avocado production is set to triple by 2030, with countries like Peru, Colombia, Kenya, Morocco, and Tanzania leading the charge. These nations have witnessed double-digit growth in avocado production in recent years, with a significant portion of their exports destined for the European market.


Looking ahead, the United States and Europe will continue to be the primary importers of avocados, collectively responsible for 71% of global imports by 2030. Despite growing trade with regions like China and the Middle East, it will be crucial for growers and exporters to focus on specific markets with untapped potential.

In Europe, demand for avocados continues to rise steadily. While higher volumes in the market will likely drive up consumption, the unpredictability of production and supply volumes poses challenges for the avocado market. However, avocados have become a staple product in most European grocery stores, with imports totaling 813,000 tonnes in 2022.

To further drive consumption, retailers often promote avocados through programmed promotions, leveraging their popularity to boost sales. France leads the pack as the top end market for avocados, while Scandinavian countries boast the highest consumption per capita. Despite slowing growth in leading consuming countries, nations like Germany, Italy, and Eastern European countries still offer significant growth potential.

However, sustainability concerns loom large over the avocado industry, particularly regarding water resources and deforestation. These issues, prevalent in avocado-producing countries like Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil, have prompted increased scrutiny from consumers and pressure to adopt sustainable practices.

In response, interest in organically produced avocados is on the rise, with estimates suggesting that the organic market makes up between 13 and 15% of total avocado sales. Additionally, promotional efforts and branding initiatives have played a pivotal role in enhancing the consumer experience and driving market growth. Promotion, innovation, and branding improve consumer experience and reached extreme levels. This explains why avocados followed a strong upward trend. Branding and promoting contributing to consumers’ experience and quality perception constantly. Avocados is quite innovations in promotional value and are unique in the fresh sector for their level of innovation… from fresh avo recipes for salads, breakfast to healthy avo ice creams. 


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