The Avosa emerges from the untouched nature of South Africa, boldly celebrating its native roots and natural purity. Our avocado products embody tasteful luxury and unrivalled quality, meticulously crafted with a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that we preserve the pristine environments that give us such unique ingredients. With a modern sensibility, we set trends in wellness and culinary experiences, offering a global taste of health with an authentic African pristine nature. Elevate your culinary creations with the delightful essence of Avosa avocado oil, enhancing every dish with its richness and flavor.

Feel the pristineness of South Africa 
in every experience with AVOSA!


Avosa Avocado

Crude and refined Oil

Avosa Oil – Nature’s Masterpiece: Unlock the natural goodness of Avosa avocado oil, crafted from South Africa’s pristine landscapes. Bursting with rich color, aroma, and intense flavor. Perfect for health-conscious cooking and culinary creations, experience the essence of pure, natural indulgence with every drop of Avosa avocado oil! Only Nature & Avocadoes.



From avocados to avocado oil, we are dedicated
to preserving the planet for future generations.

  • AVOSA Oil products have clear goals and aspirations:
  • Leader in the Avocado Oil Market for Kitchen:
    We strive to be the leader in the avocado oil market for kitchen essentials, offering innovative products that enhance culinary experiences and inspire creativity in the kitchen.
  • Preferred Choice for Consumers Seeking High-Quality Food:
    We are dedicated to being the top choice for consumers who prioritize high-quality, nutritious food options. AVOSA avocado oil is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional taste and freshness, meeting the discerning standards of health- conscious individuals.
  • Globally-Inspired Products Embracing Natural Purity and Modern Trends:
    Our AVOSA product range includes range of avocado oils, a fusion of global inspiration and natural purity, reflecting the diverse culinary influences from around the world. Each pack is thoughtfully designed to blend traditional flavors with modern trends, offering a unique and satisfying cooking experience. 
  • Commitment to Sustainability:
    For AVOSA sustainability is not just a goal; it's our guiding principle. As a sustainable brand under Cultivate Trading, we ensure that every AVOSA product is responsibly sourced and produced with minimal environmental impact.

Our products are not only a celebration of Africa’s natural abundance, but also a testament to our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and community empowerment. With every creation, we honor the legacy of Africa, infusing each piece with the passion and authenticity that define our heritage.


Only Nature & Avocadoes

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