The Production of Avocado Oil in Mpumalanga

Commencing in March 2023, a significant project in Mpumalanga is set to establish the first plant for industrial production of avocado oil in this province, with the aim to increase the region’s economy through the introduction of unrefined avocado oil production. The project holds immense promise, representing a significant step forward for both the industry and the local community. With a projected capacity to process 2 tons of fresh avocados per hour or 300 liters of oil per hour, the production factory stands as the first of its kind in the Mpumalanga area.
Anticipated to undergo test production in April 2024, the initiative promises transformative change, offering a multitude of benefits to the province and its inhabitants. Outlined below are the key objectives of this visionary project:
  • Economic Boost: The production of avocado oil is poised to significantly enhance the provincial economy of Mpumalanga, fostering growth and prosperity across various sectors.
  • Job Creation: With the creation of 105 jobs, both directly and indirectly, the project aims to alleviate poverty and stimulate economic activity within the local community.
  • Support for Local Farmers: By sourcing fresh avocados from local farmers for processing, the project endeavors to support and empower the agricultural sector, fostering sustainability and resilience.
  • Skills Development: The project seeks to transfer and develop skills in facility operation, management, engineering, and maintenance, contributing to capacity-building and knowledge transfer within the region.
  • Food Security: By supporting local farmers to increase yields and improve the quality of their products, the project aims to bolster food security, ensuring a stable supply of nutritious produce for communities.
  • Brand Establishment: The establishment of a local avocado oil brand will not only capture market share in both local and international markets but also showcase the quality and authenticity of products from Mpumalanga.
  • Trade Balance Enhancement: The project is expected to contribute positively to the region’s trade balance, further strengthening its economic standing on both a regional and national level.
  • GDP Growth: Through its impact on industrial-based economic activities, the project is anticipated to significantly increase the GDP of the region and the country as a whole, driving sustainable development and progress.
  • Agritourism Opportunities: Introducing agritourism as a new avenue for the region and farmers to increase their profit, the project will attract tourists interested in food processing, generating income and fostering cultural exchange.

In conclusion, the production of avocado oil in Mpumalanga represents a bold and transformative endeavor, poised to uplift communities, empower local farmers, and drive sustainable economic growth. As the project progresses towards test production in April 2024, its ripple effects are expected to resonate far and wide, shaping the future trajectory of the region and setting a precedent for innovation and prosperity.



Expanding Avocado Capacity and Processing:
 This upcoming project is set to expand avocado cultivation in Mpumalanga while also enhancing our processing capabilities. We’ll be adding more fields & farms for avocado cultivation and upgrading our capacity for drying avocados, fruits, and vegetables. Our goal is also to increase our avocado oil plant’s capacity of processing 2 tons of avocados per hour to 5 tons per hour in the future. Additionally, we have plans to construct a separate plant dedicated to refining avocado oil.

Avocado Oil Production in KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo: Establishing oil plants for refined avocado oil in KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo provinces, known for its favorable climate for tropical fruits and vegetables.

Avocado Well-Being Center: This innovative venture aims to boost the economy and tourism in the White River area by introducing the region’s first leisure center. The center will feature a unique restaurant offering superfoods from Mpumalanga province and avocado specialties. Additionally, it will include a hotel and wellness center offering specialized programs for individuals with diabetes, those struggling with weight management, and those seeking detoxification and anti-aging treatments, all incorporating avocado-based elements.

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